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Instruments I play

Philosophy give me a joy of Reason, music give me a joy of Sensibility. But listening to music was not enough for me, so I began playing. The instrument I chose were saxophone at first and then clarinet.

Saxophone is the major instrument in jazz, and clarinet is played in jazz and classical music.

The other instruments I take interest in

Music is universal language. Jazz and classical music are two different expressions in music. There are many different instruments through which this universal language is expressed. Each of the instruments has their own nature. Besides saxophone and clarinet, cello is one of the instruments I like.

Join the music world and feel the wonder of music!


Jazz is life. It has happiness, sadness and humour. In the jazz world, performer blends in his heart.

Jazz is the direct expression of feelings.


Classical music has a long tradition. Everything is systematical in it. Even the emotions are under control.

Classical is music within the limits of reason alone.

CD Review

John Coltrane: "Soultrane"

After Charlie Parker, John Coltrane is the most important saxophonist in the history of jazz. The first performing period of John is in the Prestige. "Soultrane" is the best dics in this period. The melody is clear, and the music moves step by step.

This is the introduction to the sound of John Coltrane.

Readers' Response

4.32PM. 2 August 1996
Recieved an email from "leslie". But no response address:
how come you play a sax and like that fucking classical music. u better listen more music especially some blues and r&b and rock music . that will be good to you!"

Dear 'Leslie',
I am sorry , but If you understood what music is, than your would love classical music. Also you wouldn't have those irrational fears, and behaviour... .
On the other hand, how do you know I haven't listened blues, r&b, and rock music?
Growing up, don't stay in the child's mind, instead open your mind. I think you ought to read Karl Popper's works.
Kin-Fai Chong
2 August, 1996

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